Madaric: BBSK Acting Stupidly with First Slovak Grammar School

Slovak Culture Minister Marek Madaric (stock photo by TASR)

Revuca, August 3 (TASR) – Putting obstacles in the way of a €30,000-grant for the First Slovak Grammar School in Revuca (Banska Bystrica region) by regional authority (BBSK) led by governor Marian Kotleba (far-right LSNS) is stupid, ignorant and anti-Slovak, Culture Minister Marek Madaric stated in Revuca on Wednesday.

First Slovak Grammar School last year asked the Culture Ministry for a grant for reconstructing a paved access and a wall around the building.

“The Culture Ministry last year decided on allocating a grant of €30,000 to the school. However, I was stunned to hear that the entity running the school, i.e. BBSK, told the school that it didn’t agree with spending the money for reconstructing the pavement and it also refused to organise a tender on reconstructing the historical structure, as it believed that the school is lacking prospects for the future,” said Madaric at a press conference.

“No one is refusing to accept the €30,000. The only problem with this subsidy is the clause requiring ten-years sustainability. The school currently has 29 students, without any first and second-graders. Only nine persons applied for this school year, while at least 17 are required. This means that there will likely be zero students in two years,” said BBSK Office director and MP Milan Uhrik, adding that BBSK is considering to merge the school with a different grammar school in the town.

“If the Culture Ministry dropped the clause on ten-year sustainability, the contract would be signed by this evening,” added Uhrik.