Madaric: Smer Ready to Discuss Cooperation with Standard Parties Mainly

Culture Minister Marek Madaric (stock photo by TASR)

Banska Bystrica, February 13 (TASR) – Smer-SD vice-chairman, election campaign director and Culture Minister Marek Madaric said that Smer-SD will discuss cooperation after Parliamentary election (March 5) with all parties that would get to the House, he announced at a press conference following Smer’s programme conference in Banska Bystrica on Saturday.

According to Madaric, Smer-SD will primarily discuss the cooperation with so-called standard parties, which he considers being mainly Christian Democrats (KDH), Most-Hid and the Slovak National Party (SNS).

“It is important that a stable and functioning government will arise,” said Madaric, adding that Smer-SD, as an election winner in 2010 was left out of the government and an incoherent government arose, which ‘shamefully ended’ in 2012. “Therefore we want to be a part of a stable coalition with a small number of standard parties,” explained Madaric.

When asked what parties are preferred, Madaric said it’s premature to discuss that. “It will depend on the party itself and on the question how it can tune into our priorities, also the stance on security,” said Madaric, adding that if the European Union is overwhelmed by migrants and there is a threat of terrorist attacks, security will be the main priority.