Martin Hospital: Two Men with Suspicion of Coronavirus Stabilised

Two patients with suspicion of the coronavirus being taken to University Hospital in Martin. (Photo by TASR)

Martin, January 31 (TASR) – Two Slovaks with suspicion of having contracted the Wuhan coronavirus, who reported themselves at Zilina Hospital on Thursday evening and were transferred to a special department in Martin during the same night, are stabilised at the moment, said Katarina Kapustova from Martin University Hospital on Friday.

“The condition of the two men hasn’t deteriorated and it doesn’t require specific treatment. They’re without fever and their current condition suggests minor infection,” said Kapustova.

“The situation is under control at the moment, I believe there’s no reason for panic, as there’s only suspicion of possible infection with this virus. We’re now waiting for the results from samples that we’ve taken from them,” said Kapustova.

The two Slovaks were on a three-week business trip to China, around 1,500 kilometres from the epicentre of the epidemic. They flew to Europe from Shanghai and landed in Frankfurt, Germany, where they reported some symptoms of a respiratory disease to the airport’s medical personnel. Nevertheless, as they weren’t identified as having any acute respiratory disease, they were recommended to go home and undergo further examinations. They subsequently went by car to Slovakia and reported themselves at Zilina Hospital, which isolated them immediately and transported them to the specialised department for travel-related diseases in Martin.