Matecna: ‘Stupavske Zele’ Receives Protected Designation of Origin

Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Gabriela Matecna tasting Stupavske zele in Mast (photo by TASR)

Stupava, May 11 (TASR) – Sauerkraut produced in Stupava (Bratislava region) – the so-called Stupavske zele – has obtained the EU’s protected designation of origin (PDO), Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Gabriela Matecna (a Slovak National Party/SNS nominee) told the media while in the part of Stupava called Mast, which is well-known for the production of ‘zele’, on Thursday.

After ‘Zitavska paprika’, paprika from the Zitava area, sauerkraut from Stupava is the second Slovak food that has been added to this category.

“The protected designation of origin guarantees that the quality and characteristics of the product are exclusively linked to a particular geographical environment and that all stages [of its production] are carried out in the defined geographical area,” said the agriculture minister.

Matecna went on to say that the cabbage from Stupava not only symbolises the heritage of the ancestors that has been preserved until this day, but also the fact that tasty, healthy and quality food is being produced in Slovakia. “Cabbage from Stupava is a confirmation that Slovak products are worth growing, buying and consuming,” added the minister.

Stupava mayor Roman Maros views the acquisition of PDO for Stupavske zele as a significant promotion of the town’s traditions.

At the same time, he believes that the European quality guarantee will also help to develop the growing of cabbage. “The protected designation can serve as a motivating factor for those who want to do business in the agricultural sector and thus continue in what Stupava has gained with its recognition even on the European level,” said Maros.

In this regard Matecna stated that although the cabbage growing in Slovakia was on the decline over the last two decades, last year’s figures indicated some improvements. “The production reached 16,800 tonnes, which is a 70-percent year-on-year increase,” said the agriculture minister, adding that growers in Slovakia can receive financial aid within the framework of the Rural Development Programme.