MFA: Slovak Woman among Victims of Thunderstorms and Tornado in Moravia

after the storm and tornado in South Moravia (photo by TASR)

Brno/Bratislava, June 25 (TASR) – A Slovak national was among victims of intense thunderstorms and a tornado that hit some villages in South Moravia on Thursday evening (June 24), Foreign Affairs Ministry’s spokesman Juraj Tomaga confirmed for TASR on Friday.

“Foreign Affairs Minister Ivan Korcok is expressing his sincere sympathies to the bereaved in this way,” he added.

The Czech police have reported at least five fatalities and several dozen injured as a result of the thunderstorms and tornado. The natural disaster had a devastating impacts chiefly in the districts of Hodonin and Breclav, chiefly in the villages of Luzice, Mikulcice, Moravska Nova Ves and Hrusky.