Mikulec: SIS Report No Evidence

Interior Minister Roman Mikulec (photo by TASR)

Interior Minister Roman Mikulec (OLaNO) stated on Sunday regarding recent suspicions that a group of people form law enforcement might have been influencing investigations into several active cases, speaking on television channel Markiza’s politics show ‘Tough Questions’, that an intelligence report can’t be considered evidence.

The minister claimed that he’s ordered the Interior Ministry’s inspection service to start investigating the matter. “I respect the Slovak Intelligence Service [SIS] as an institution… but [its report is no evidence],” said Mikulec. “If SIS says it has evidence at its disposal, it’s obliged by the law to pass it to law enforcement,” he added, explaining that the intelligence report consists of information from several sources and serves as a summary of various prognoses and assessments.

Meanwhile, Independent MP and ex-interior minister Denisa Sakova, who was also on the show, claimed that according to Parliamentary Chair Boris Kollar (We Are Family) SIS secured evidence in a lawful manner and it can be used in criminal proceedings. “When OLaNO MPs came up with claims that this a game by the intelligence services, a We Are Family MP remarked that there’s legally acquired evidence,” said Sakova, referring to the special parliamentary session that took place earlier this week.

According to Sakova, there are suspicions that investigators have been intentionally manipulating the testimonies of certain plea-bargain seekers so that they’re aligned and add up. Mikulec remarked that he doesn’t view the matter as a scandal, claiming that the law-enforcement authorities enjoy his trust