Military Aviation Commission to Investigate Helicopter Incident

Military helicopter undertaking an emergency landing in a cornfield near Trencianske Stankovce village (Photo by TASR)

Trencianske Stankovce, July 1 (TASR) – The cause behind Friday’s incident, when a military helicopter had to undertake an emergency landing following its collision with electric power transmission line close to Trencianske Stankovce village (Trencin region) will be investigated by a special commission, Defence Minister Peter Gajdos said at the site of the incident on the same day.

“We informed the local municipality and the civilian aviation authority about the incident. I learned about the landing from the chief of Slovak Armed Forces’ general staff (Milan Maxim), who approved own measures to secure the area in cooperation with the air force commander,” said the minister.

The helicopter belongs to search and rescue force. All helicopter flights scheduled for Saturday’s (July 2) Laugaricio Tank Day are suspended at the moment until further notice.

According to Maxim, the exercise activities of helicopter Mi-17 were planned in advance. “Pilots and the flight engineer were trained; the crew is top-notch. No injuries were sustained. The helicopter was damaged, specific figure will be determined after the investigation is concluded. No civilians were put in harm’s way and no subsequent damages ensued,” claimed Maxim.