Nine People Injured in Car-Bus Crash in Rajecke Teplice

A bus involved in a crash in Rajecke Teplice being lifted up by a crane. (Photo by TASR)

Rajecke Teplice, April 28 (TASR) – Nine people were injured in a crash involving a bus and a small passenger car in the spa town of Rajecke Teplice (Zilina region) on Thursday morning, TASR learnt on the same day.

“They suffered minor injuries concerning mainly spinal contusions and one minor concussion. They’re currently undergoing further examinations,” said Zilina Faculty Hospital spokesperson Viera Jurciova.

Later it was revealed that two people actually sustained quite serious injuries taking more than 42 days to recover.

According to Zilina regional police directorate spokesman Radko Moravcik, a Volkswagen Lupo driven by a 22-year old man on a first category road from as yet unknown causes passed to the lane in the opposite direction before crashing into an Irisbus Crossway bus carrying 30 people. Both vehicles ended up in a roadside ditch following the crash, with the bus turning over onto its side. Neither of the drivers was driving under influence.

The regional bus heading from Kamenna Poruba to Zilina belonged to Slovenska Autobusova Doprava (SAD) Zilina. The transport company’s spokesperson Ivana Strelcova reported that a rapid reaction of the 47-year-old bus driver, as well as the strong chassis of the bus prevented a major disaster. “These buses are designed to keep their overall structure intact even in such serious accidents involving turnovers. Injuries are then mostly due to subsequent movement of passengers inside the vehicle,” said Strelcova.