Orange Districts: Face Masks Mandatory Outdoors, Movement of People Unrestricted

illustration picture (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, August 11 (TASR) – In line with the new COVID automaton that will enter into force on Monday (August 16), people in orange-coloured districts (the alert degree of the COVID automaton) will have to wear face masks in interior premises and at outdoor mass events, but their movements won’t be limited.

No limits regarding entry to mass events in orange districts will apply when everyone has been fully vaccinated. The COVID automaton also stipulates a so-called OTP system when everyone has been vaccinated, tested or has recovered from coronavirus. The indoor capacity at such mass events will be limited to 25 percent, while the maximum outdoor capacity will be 50 percent. If capacity isn’t determinable, the upper limit has been set at 1,000 people at outdoor events and 500 at indoor ones.

The COVID automaton also stipulates a basic system for locations in orange districts where vaccination, testing and recovery will not be taken into consideration. The ceiling for indoor mass events will be 25 percent of total capacity, with 50 percent of total capacity set for outdoor mass events. At the same time, the maximum numbers of people will be set at 200 for outdoor events and 100 for indoor events. A list of participants will be mandatory as well.

Concerning high-risk events, such as weddings, funerals and parties, lists of participants will be mandatory for both fully vaccinated and OTP events, with the ceilings for fully vaccinated events set at 100 indoors and 200 outside. At OTP events the number of participants cannot exceed 100 outdoors and 50 indoors.

Visits to hospitals and prisons won’t be limited in any way for fully vaccinated people, while they will be allowed only with the founder’s or director’s consent when the OTP system is used.