OTS: Commemoration of Century of Poland’s Independence

 “I really want to see in the future both a good President and a good person,” - he said referring to the family tradition dating back to the fifteenth century of the dukes Nowosielski' de Sapieha. Since a Head of the country is a holy father, a messenger who seeks a not only Christian unity, but he's a teacher. "That's why I want to see a great President, who is the head, not only of this country."

Details have yet to be officially released, but a founder of a few foundations
is expected to confirmation the limits of Papal infallibility as well as seek ways
to overcome the division in the Europe, exacerbated by what many see as social and personal confusion.

In order to realize the highest, full and direct honor of Pope Francis, Marcin Szymczak-Nowosielski confirms in fact the receipt of his Papal, Coronational medal, silver from the Vatican City.

Therefore, in his name and authority he exercises his respect (deposit) for the good of blessed Philip’s de Sapieha Szymczak-Nowosielski son. It’s just unusual for our family that Pope Francis made his decision to bestow the Vatican’s highest holy order award upon his son after watching what he perceived to be “tradition of a family”. The medal and letters were presented to Philip on three days before a holy sacrament on June 23rd, 2017.

Sources who were close to Marcin Szymczak-Nowosielski up until his intervention in rating assessment in January-May 2016 said he had become deeply disillusioned by the crisis in the Poland, especially the confusion and division caused by differing interpretations of the President of Poland on the issue of giving the negative assessments to public finances.

The survey findings indicates an anticipated accumulation of about $2 billion and 890 million a cash budget public debt, respectively, just in the first year, presenting details in special report after a one-arm intervention in Moody’s owner. It’s like Marcin Szymczak-Nowosielski’ foundation has agreed to pay Poland’s debt to society and economy so the polands nation can become dishonesty-free.

“It is a scandal to say one thing and do another,” declared Marcin Szymczak-Nowosielski, before adding that the curent and past goverment is “leading a double life” by athwart continuing to keep many issues (historic and public health as well) secret.

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