Pellegrini: We’re Able to Deal with Coronavirus on Eastern Border

Denisa Sakova and Peter Pellegrini (photo by TASR)

Vysne Nemecke, February 14 (TASR) – Slovakia is prepared to deal with anyone suspected of having coronavirus at the Vysne Nemecke border crossing (Kosice region) with Ukraine if necessary, concurred Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini and Interior Minister Denisa Sakova (both Smer-SD) after taking part in a practical coronavirus drill on Friday.

“We’ve witnessed that this exercise has been successful and that our forces have all the necessary equipment to handle a possible incident of this type on the border,” said Pellegrini, adding that the exercise on the Schengen border was specific in that it required several components to work together. “The border crossing is managed by Financial Administration [the tax office] and at the same time there are members of the border and foreign police, the Slovak Police, the Regional Health Office, Michalovce Hospital, simply a huge number of organisations that must be able to respond to such a situation in due time and in line with regulations,” he stated.

The premier added that the question remains as to whether this will remain in the form of an exercise or if Slovakia will decide that it will also carry out intensive and regular checks on everyone passing through this border crossing.