Police Detain Drunk Environment Minister after Ruckus in Bratislava Centre

Environment Minister Solymos (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, January 23 (TASR) – The police on Wednesday evening detained Environment Minister Laszlo Solymos (Most-Hid), who in a drunken state had allegedly become embroiled in a skirmish in Bratislava city centre, news outlet pluska.sk reported on the same day.

Solymos allegedly shouted that he’s the environment minister. According to SME daily, the minister was at a Chinese restaurant on Laurinska Street with his brother when the two started quarrelling with the restaurant staff. When they were thrown out, Solymos’s brother allegedly kicked the restaurant’s glass door and smashed it.

“It lasted a long time … We heard shouting, so we came outside. The minister and some other man were yelling at each other. I think that they’d also broke something and refused to pay. They were throwing money at the Chinese [in the restaurant]. The minister wanted to flee the scene, but he was staggering around drunk,” a witness from a nearby shop told pluska.sk.