President and Premier Open Holocaust Museum in Sered

    President Andrej Kiska, PM Robert Fico and Parliamentary Chairman Peter Pellegrini at a ceremonial opening of the Holocaust Museum in Sered.

    Sered, January 26 (TASR) – A holocaust museum that should serve as a memento for contemporary and future generations was ceremonially opened on the site of what was once a labour concentration camp in Sered (Trnava region) on Tuesday.

    The ribbon was ceremonially cut jointly by President Andrej Kiska, Prime Minister Robert Fico, Parliamentary Chairman Peter Pellegrini and Culture Minister Marek Madaric – just one day ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

    The exposition in Sered was organised by the Slovak National Museum-Jewish Culture Museum in cooperation with the Culture Ministry. Using funds from the European Regional Development Fund and Slovak state budget for the site reconstruction, the project has been coordinated by Jewish Culture Museum director Pavol Mestan.

    Two out of five planned buildings in total have been made accessible in the first stage of the project. They display an exposition on how the ‘Jewish question’ was being dealt with in Slovakia during WWII and an education centre. Further expositions, still being prepared, should display how inmates of the camp were accommodated and sites where they worked – carpentry, brickwork, sewing and locksmithing facilities.