Prochazka: Siet Won’t Go to Government with Smer

Siet chairman Radoslav Prochazka (TASR archive)

(TA3, February 14, ‘V Politike’)

Extraparliamentary Siet won’t join a Smer-SD coalition, Siet (Network) chairman Radoslav Prochazka said on TA3’s ‘V Politike’ (In Politics) on Sunday.

“We are saying definitive ‘no’ to Smer,” said Prochazka. According to him, Siet’s key priorities are material responsibility of politicians and the exclusion of letterbox companies from the public sector. “We don’t have a reason to believe that these two key things could be done with them,” said Prochazka, referring back to an earlier statement from the party that such a coalition may be possible.

Prochazka pointed out that Smer describes the Christian Democrats (KDH), Most-Hid and Slovak National Party (SNS) as standard parties, but not Siet. “We aren’t satisfied with the standard that the old politics offers, we want to replace it with new blood, new energy,” said Prochazka.

According to Prochazka there is a real possibility of a strong Government that would concentrate on the help to people that have built and are building the state. He thinks there is hope for Slovakia to move forward. “We are asking for the authority to form the Government,” said Prochazka.

Prochazka guarantees the stability of Siet’s parliamentary caucus. “Because they are people motivated to have a better functioning state,” said Prochazka.

Regarding money saved on the aforementioned material responsibility on politicians and the ban on letterbox companies, the money would be used elsewhere. “We need that money for better health care, education, infrastructure and better functioning of the state,” said Prochazka, adding that Siet wants to adopt these measures within the first 100 days in Government.