Record Forest Mandala Made at Forestry Days in Zvolen

Forest mandala with the area of 24.64 square meters (photo by TASR)

Zvolen, April 22 (TASR) – Forest mandala with the area of 24.64 square meters, which was created from forest vegetation by 800 people, made an entry into the Slovak Book of Records on Friday (April 21) as part of the Forestry Days in the town of Zvolen (Banska Bystrica region).

Dana Loyova from the National Forestry Centre in Zvolen told TASR that the creators of the mandala used a lot of natural elements, such as various kinds of cones, seeds from plants and trees or their bark. “People have created mandala according to their own imagination, so the trees dominated,” she said.

Meanwhile, a ‘Miss Drevina’ (Miss Wood) contest formed part of the opening ceremony of the Forestry Days. As many as 1,575 people participated in the contest, voting for various types of woods – silver fir, large-leaved lime, rowan or scots pine.

“The ‘Miss Drevina’ title finally went to large-leaved lime, which acquired 661 votes,” said Loyova.