Scientists in Bratislava March to Support Science on Earth Day

Participans of March for Science walking through the streets of Bratislava

Bratislava, April 22 (TASR) – Promoting science at a time when the power of alternative and unsubstantiated information on the internet is increasing was among the main goals of a March for Science that took place in Bratislava on Saturday as part of the Earth Day celebrations.

The march also also aimed at honouring the beauty of science in all its areas and at stressing the importance of its proper funding as well as the need for changes in education.

Bratislava joined other cities and countries around the world in which thousands of students and scientists marched through the streets to express their support for science.

The original idea of organising such a march worldwide emerged among the members of a movement called March for Science that was set up in response to severe cuts in the science area ordered by US President Donald Trump.

“Nowadays, when various alternative facts, hoaxes and conspiracy theories are being spread via the internet we want to help the public to open its eyes,” said Peter Wachter of the Slovak Planetarium and a member of the organisation committee. He went on to say that the results of scientific research should be presented not only in publications and journals for experts but also to the general public in an appropriate form.