SDKU-DS Proposes Transformation of Education with More Money

SDKU-DS chairman Pavol Freso (TASR archive)

Bratislava, February 29 (TASR) – In its manifesto for the March 5 election, SDKU-DS is proposing increases in salaries for the best teachers of up to 50 percent, 6 percent of GDP for education, changes in ordinary financing per student and other measures, announced Tibor Matas from the party’s department of education at a press conference on Monday.

“All these aims are so that our children will feel comfortable and happy in school and achieve good results there,” said Matas.

The plan is to transform the Education, Science, Research and Sport Ministry to ensure that management and financing of education take place under one roof.

SDKU chairman Pavol Freso emphasised the need for a functioning dual education system in which regional authorities would actively look for associated companies.

According to Freso, when it comes to accepting students into grammar schools, the only criterion should be school results.

Freso pointed out that education is under-financed, but there is money for it, which could be taken from the social packages of Robert Fico’s Government. SDKU wants to cancel the packages.

“SDKU is willing to scrap Fico’s corruption packages. There’s no sense in throwing money about as a one-off measure. We’d be better off using it for educating our children,” said Freso.

According to Freso, a centre-right government as needed, as Slovakia won’t move forward with Fico.