SDKU: Election to Decide Whether Slovakia Falls under Russia or West

SDKU-DS chairman Pavol Freso (TASR archive)

Bratislava, March 2 (TASR) – The upcoming parliamentary election (March 5) will be about whether Slovakia will belong to the Russian sphere of influence or among civilised countries, announced SDKU-DS chairman Pavol Freso at a press conference on Wednesday.

“The EU has made mistakes, but not for a minute do we want Slovakia to come within the sphere of Russia and [its President] Vladimir Putin. SDKU-DS will make no concessions in this,” declared Freso.

According to Freso, the election probably won’t be about choosing the lesser evil but will provide an answer to what position Slovakia will hold in Europe.

“All parties are willing to let Greece go from Schengen and the eurozone and to allow the gradual disintegration of the EU. The departure of Greece would practically mean the certain departure of Great Britain [from the EU as a whole]. SDKU-DS won’t allow the disintegration of Schengen and the setting up of barbed wire at any cost,” said Freso.

Freso is convinced that a return to showing passports to customs officials on borders would be suicide for Slovakia. “For SDKU-DS, membership of Schengen is topic number one. We can withstand more refugees, and we won’t accept barbed wire in exchange for the fear of a few migrants,” he said.

According to Freso, SDKU-DS also wants the EU to continue in order for Slovakia to come nearer to the richer countries.