SHMU: Ice Floods Hazard Still in Place, Severe Freeze Expected at Night


Bratislava, January 15 (TASR) – There’s a persisting risk of ice floods, particularly in Slovakia’s northern regions, and a first-degree alert is in place, the Slovak Hydrometeorological Office (SHMU) announced on Sunday.

“In view of the frigid temperatures, a range of ice phenomena occur in bodies of water – shore ice, brash ice, anchor ice, ice jams and ice cover, which all reduce the flow of water and may trigger, or have already triggered a surge in water levels, especially in small rivers and streams. Water levels may reach and exceed levels that correspond to floods,” stated SHMU.

The alert is primarily in place for northern and eastern swathes of Slovakia.

In addition, severe freezing is expected in the evening and at night, particularly in central Slovakia.