Simulated Student General Election to Be Held Between February 4-7

illustration picture (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, January 27 (TASR) – A simulated student general election will be held in Slovakia between February 4-7, with 59,700 secondary school students able to vote, Student Elections project organiser Natalia Zikmundova told TASR on Monday.

This follows similar projects from the 2016 general election, the 2017 regional elections, the 2018 local elections and last year’s presidential and EP elections. “The student election, due to be held at 173 secondary schools, will faithfully simulate the election process, and all students over 15 years of age will be able vote in it based on their knowledge and preferences,” said Zikmundova.

The student election is an apolitical educational project aimed at reversing the downward trend seen in the engagement of youth in public life and at teaching young people the basic pillars of democracy through experience. It’s taking place in all regions in cooperation with secondary schools, local governments and other youth organisations and education initiatives.

In addition to a modified Ethics Code, the creators have incorporated new rules for campaigning and personal data protection in the project this year, as well as new conditions for assessing political promotion at schools.