SLK President: Slovak Health System Needs Deep and Major Changes

(Stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, August 8 (TASR) – According to Slovak Medical Chamber (SLK) president Marian Kollar, all basic sections of the health system in Slovakia need changes, TASR learnt on Monday.

Kollar thinks that incumbent Health Minister Tomas Drucker, a former director of Slovak Post, hasn’t carried out any substantial changes so far. However, this isn’t a bad sign.

“We experienced a lot of quick changes in the past that merely served to present the activities of a minister. They damaged the ministry more than they helped it. We know that good decisions need time to consider all alternative solutions,” said Kollar.

“Slovakia’s health-care system needs deep and fundamental changes. We’ll wait a few more days, with pleasure, if they bring benefits to health workers and, especially, to patients,” he added.

According to Kollar, Drucker’s activities so far can be assessed in several ways. “On one hand, he took over the ministry as a new face in the field of health care and his previous position brought more doubts about his abilities,” said Kollar. All but one (Zuzana Zvolenska 2012-14) of Slovakia’s health ministers have been medical doctors.

“On the other hand, his huge work motivation, surprising erudition in health issues, and particularly his interest in not only listening but also learning from meetings with experts and professional companies have brought him respect and acceptance among the health professional community.”

Kollar added that only time will tell how Drucker’s resolutions and efforts will be reflected in reality and how his visions will be accepted in the House.

Regarding current communication between the Doctor Chamber and the Health Minister, Kollar considers it to be positive, as Drucker not only communicates actively with the chamber but also tries to accept the offered solutions and cooperate.

Some issues, such as the creation of hospital councils as well as changes in the organisation and operation of First Aid Service (LSPP), which have been on SLK agenda for a long time, are now in the final stage of legislative preparation. Other changes, such as those in the health insurance system, are in the long term, stated Kollar.