Slovakia Officially Records 380 COVID-19 Patients

Stock photo by TASR/AP

Bratislava, July 12 (TASR) – The official number of COVID-19 patients in Slovakia stands at 380 as of Saturday (July 11), according to the data released on website.

Slovakia has so far registered a total of 1,901 patients tested positive for COVID-19. The number of people tested positive has started to rise significantly in recent days. According to the information of the Health Ministry, seven COVID-19 positive patients are currently in hospital, while another six people have been admitted due to being suspected of having contracted the disease. Three of these patients are in intensive care and one on lung ventilation.

When it comes to recoveries from COVID-19, 1,493 patients have recovered from the disease, of whom 201 were admitted to hospital and 1,292 recovered in home isolation. Laboratories have tested so far 229,789 people.

There have been no deaths from novel coronavirus since mid-May. The death toll in the country remains at 28.