Slovaks and Americans Train in Coordination of Ground and Air Forces

US-Slovak military training in Sliac (photo by TASR)

Sliac, July 27 (TASR) – The coordination of ground and air forces in destroying land-based targets and training in refuelling combat aircraft in flight are just a couple of the tasks that are being carried out by Slovak and US soldiers in a joint training exercise called Slovak Warthog at the military base in Sliac (Banska Bystrica region).

Around 200 soldiers from the Indiana National Guard and approximately 250 members of the Slovak army are taking part in training that will last three weeks, learnt journalists at Sliac airport on Wednesday.

“Concerning military equipment, eight US A-10C Thunderbolt planes are actively involved in the training exercise, and Slovak military equipment, chiefly MiG-29 and Albatros L-39 aircraft, will participate if the training exercise requires it,” said Slovak Defence Minister Peter Gajdos (a Slovak National Party/SNS nominee).

Slovak soldiers have welcomed the participation of US A-10C Thunderbolt combat aircraft in the training exercise. “Training coordination between ground controllers and pilots and cooperation with ground combat units are the most important parts of the exercise,” said Deputy Chief of Staff of the Slovak Armed Forces Pavel Macko.

In addition to Sliac, training is also taking place at the military training zones in Lest (Banska Bystrica region) and Devicany (Nitra region).