Some Schools Reopen for Second-Level and Secondary Students as of Monday

illustration picture (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, December 7 (TASR) – Schools can be reopened for students of second-level primary and secondary schools as of Monday if their founders decide to do so, according to a regulation published by the Public Health Authority (UVZ).

The condition is that pupils, one of their parents they live in one household with, and school staff show negative results of antigen tests certified in EU territory, or negative results of PCR tests for COVID-19. The result shouldn’t be older than seven days.

A duty to show the test result doesn’t apply to persons who have overcome COVID-19 and have a certificate to that effect, or to those whose medical condition does not allow the test to be performed. The obligation does not apply to persons with moderate or serious mental disabilities, to persons with severe autistic disorder and to persons with severe congenital or acquired immunodeficiency.

The duty doesn’t apply to cancer patients and to pupils with socially disadvantaged backgrounds who participate in education in small groups comprised of five pupils and one teacher at most.

An announcement on the duty to show the negative test not older than one week should be placed on a visible place at school.

Schools that decided not to join the testing will continue in remote education.