Sulik: Asking Fico to Try to Form New Government Was Only Right Step

Sulik's post-election meeting with President Kiska

Bratislava, March 7 (TASR) – President Andrej Kiska’s decision to task the chairman of the election winner, Smer-SD leader Robert Fico, with trying to form a new government, is the only right step, Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) chair Richard Sulik told journalists following his post-election meeting with the head of state on Monday. 

If Fico fails to form a government, Sulik as leader of the second strongest party in the House should be the second in line to get the commission. However, he considers it to be a premature question at the moment. “We’ll see how Robert Fico manages it, and then I’m ready to go ahead,” stated Sulik. SaS will provide information on further specific steps at a press conference to be held on Thursday (March 10) or Friday (March 11).

Sulik admits that it’s impossible to form a government from one day to the next, but he sees no point in protracting the process. “The circle of questions that needs to be answered will narrow down very soon. These chiefly include the position of Bela Bugar (Most-Hid) and maybe Andrej Danko (Slovak National Party – SNS), then it will go very quickly,” said Sulik, adding that he considers 30 days to be a pointlessly long time.

Sulik claimed that during their discussion Kiska didn’t ask him to reconsider SaS’s rejection of a coalition with Smer-SD in case of need. The liberals are still determined not to join a government with Smer-SD. “It would be like half cat, half dog. We promised our voters not to form a government with Smer-SD,” reiterated Sulik, adding that Fico hasn’t contacted him yet.

However, Sulik sees certain points of intersection with SNS. “Mr. Danko also supports lower taxation, an improvement in the business environment. We’re able to agree on this. He’s not the one interested in distributing social packages. He’s interested in a correct relationship and communication,” said Sulik.

Commenting on the fact that Most-Hid rejected a coalition with SNS, Sulik said that there is a need to continue with talks.

Kiska was curious about Sulik’s position on Slovakia’s EU Presidency in the second half of this year. “Our stance is responsible and our actions predictable. I think that the migration crisis should have been included among our priorities a long time ago, as it will be a hot issue,” he said.

Concerning his MEP’s mandate, Sulik reiterated that he’ll give up his post in Brussels if SaS forms part of the new government. If SaS joins the Opposition, Sulik will keep his MEP’s post and won’t sit in the Slovak parliament.