Sulik Ready to Be Mediator between Most-Hid and SNS

The Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) press conference in Bratislava on Tuesday (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, March 8 (TASR) – Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) has unofficially begun discussing a coalition with Ordinary People-NOVA (OLaNO-NOVA), Most-Hid, Siet, the Slovak National Party (SNS) and We Are Family-Boris Kollar, SaS leader Richard Sulik said at a press conference in Bratislava on Tuesday.

Sulik is convinced that this constellation can form a stable government. He believes that the parties will be able to find a compromise and work together for the whole four-year electoral term.

The SaS chair asserted that Prime Minister and Smer-SD leader Robert Fico has the right to attempt to create a new government first. If he succeeds, Sulik will respect that, which is why the alternative talks are unofficial as yet. Sulik understands that SNS and Most-Hid have different views on certain matters, but even his liberal SaS and the Christian Democrats (KDH) were previously able to find a compromise and function as a government. Sulik is prepared to be the mediator between SNS and Most-Hid if necessary.

According to Sulik, SNS has changed and isn’t the party it used to be. He rejects the idea of an early election, describing this as an arrogant move. A motley coalition is still better than a caretaker government, he said.

Slovakia will preside over the EU in the latter half of 2016. Sulik is ready to establish and promote a good name for Slovakia. He can’t say if he would drop the lawsuit against the EU over quotas for the redistribution of migrants. Sulik also isn’t insisting on becoming the premier of a new rightist government, as long as the parties can agree on someone else.