Survey: 44 percent of Slovaks Plan to Take Part in Mass Testing

A healthcare worker prepares to collect a sample to test for COVID-19. (Photo: AP)

Bratislava, October 20 (TASR) – A survey carried out by AKO agency on behalf of Hospodarske noviny daily showed on Tuesday that 44.4 percent of the Slovak public intend to have themselves tested in the planned mass testing for coronavirus in the country.

Approximately 28 percent of the respondents stated that they probably will participate, while 9.9 percent said that they definitely won’t. Meanwhile, 10.4 percent answered that they probably won’t attend. Seven percent of the respondents couldn’t or refused to provide an answer.

The survey asked those who didn’t state a clear yes about their concerns regarding the testing. The most frequent answers were as follows: concerns over catching the disease at the point where samples are taken (37.7 percent), chaos in organisation and long queues (34.3 percent), fear of a collapsing economy if everyone goes into quarantine (14.1 percent), the belief that those who test positive won’t go into quarantine anyway (12.3 percent), ‘I have no concerns’ (12 percent) and not wanting to know if they have the disease when they aren’t exhibiting any symptoms (5 percent). Approximately 2 percent of the respondents stated that they don’t agree with the testing at all.