Survey: People Get Vaccinated Mostly to Protect Health of Their Loved Ones

Stock photo by TASR/AP

Bratislava, September 24 (TASR) – People get vaccinated against novel coronavirus mainly to protect the health of their loved ones and their surroundings (50 percent), according to a survey conducted by AKO agency for the Good Relations Initiative.

A total of 46.3 percent of respondents were vaccinated to protect their own health. The third most common reason was the claim that respondents did not need the vaccine but did not want to be restricted by the measures (17.4 percent).

More than 15 percent of the people polled were vaccinated because they wanted to contribute to a society-wide solution to the pandemic. Over nine percent relied on the recommendations from authorities such as doctors and scientists.

The survey was carried out between September 6-13 on a sample of 1,000 respondents.