Tank Truck Carrying Petrol Crashes on D1; Driver Killed, Motorway Closed

The site of the tank truck crash near Dubnica nad Vahom. (Photo by TASR)

Dubnica nad Vahom, April 30 (TASR) – A tragic crash of a tank truck carrying 20,000 litres of petrol resulted in the closure of the D1 motorway near Dubnica nad Vahom (Trencin region) due to a danger of explosion on Monday.

According to the firefighters’ spokesperson, the tank truck veered off the motorway due to yet unknown causes and turned over, with the accident claiming the life of the 33-year old driver of the lorry.

“Due to safety reasons, traffic has been redirected from the D1 motorway in this stretch, as there’s a danger of explosion,” said Trencin regional police spokesperson Elena Antalova.

According to the firefighters, tens or even hundreds of litres of petrol might have leaked from the tank.