Third-degree Avalanche Danger Present in High Tatras

High Tatra Mountains (TASR archive)

Liptovsky Hradok, February 13 (TASR) – A third-degree avalanche alert on the five-degree international scale in the High Tatra, Western Tatra and Low Tatra mountains is in effect, mainly on slopes that are located over 1,500 metres above the sea level, TASR learnt from Igor Ziak of the Avalanche Prevention Centre of the Mountain Rescue Service on Saturday.

According to Ziak, there is second-degree danger in Mala Fatra Mountains above 1,200 metres above the sea level and in Velka Fatra Mountains regardless of altitude.

Ziak said that new snow in all mountain ranges isn’t sufficiently stuck on the snow bedding layer, therefore there is a risk of occurrence of small unprompted avalanches.