Tornado Hits Eastern-Slovak Village of Petkovce

firefighters taking action in tornado-hit Petkovce (photo by TASR)

Petkovce, August 5 (TASR) – A tornado hit the village of Petkovce in the Vranov nad Toplou district (Presov region) on Thursday evening, damaging several houses, Petkovce mayor Pavol Hybala told TASR on the same day.

Firefighters are currently taking action on the spot. “Damage to four family houses was reported, after their roofs flew away with the wind. Several trees have been broken, power lines have been torn down. A local road is impassable,” TASR has learnt from Firefighter and Emergency Corps Regional Directorate in Presov.

“You could see the air swirling, lifting everything up. Sheets from the roofs were carried some 100 metres away. It hit just the lower part of the village. It lasted maybe a minute, but it demolished everything, there’s havoc here,” said the mayor, adding that he isn’t aware of any fatalities or injuries as a result of the tornado.

Hybala can’t quantify the damage at the moment, as he hasn’t managed to walk along the whole village yet. For the time being he knows about four houses with roofs blown away, while three more were damaged.