Total of 3,658 Suspected Adverse Reactions to COVID Vaccines So Far

(stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, April 23 (TASR) – A total of 3,658 cases of suspected adverse reactions to vaccines against COVID-19 have been reported in Slovakia up to Thursday (April 22), the State Institute for Drug Supervision (SUKL) has noted on its website, adding that 189 of these cases were serious, making up 5.1 percent of total reports.

The most often reported serious adverse effects were persisting increased blood pressure, especially among patients treated for hypertension, vaccine failure, pre-collapse, collapse, thrombosis, allergic reactions, temporary paralysis or short-term loss of consciousness. An epileptic fit may also occur among patients being treated for epilepsy, added SUKL.

“The appearance and intensity of adverse reactions depend on the state of health of the given individual in general, on age (with post-vaccination adverse reactions in general being less frequent and less intense among elderly people), on other medicines that the person is taking, immunity response and, in some cases, even the mental health of the person,” stated SUKL.

A total of 987,555 people have been inoculated with the first vaccine dose and 382,953 with the second dose in Slovakia as of Thursday.