Trams Return to Bratislava’s Sturova St. and Vajanskeho Embankment

Tram transport at Sturova Street resumed (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, June 15 (TASR) – Trams returned to Bratislava’s Sturova Street and the Vajanskeho Embankment on Wednesday morning following over two years of suspension to make way for construction work on the first part of a new public city transport system to Bratislava’s borough of Petrzalka, TASR learnt from Bratislava mayor Ivo Nesrovnal on Wednesday.

The resumption of tram transport on Sturova Street will mean the rebirth of a street that will fully serve Bratislava residents once again, stated Nesrovnal. “The last time that trams travelled via Sturova Street was on January 20, 2014. Since then the street has undergone reconstruction. We made huge efforts to catch up with this handicap so that the street would be available to pedestrians as of November 2015, to cars as of this May, and today, as you can see, it has also been opened to trams,” Nesrovnal told a news conference.

Meanwhile, trams with passengers could start travelling across the reconstructed Old Bridge to Petrzalka as of the beginning of July.

Construction work on the first part of the new tram transport system to Petrzalka was completed on December 15, 2015. Meanwhile, the city council asked for the launch of final inspection proceedings. The first final inspection related to the Old Bridge began on January 20. Subsequently, proposals to issue final inspection decisions were filed for other locations.