Visolajsky: Doctors Insist on Their Demands, Are Determined to Give Notices

Medical Trade Union (LOZ) head Peter Visolajsky (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, July 15 (TASR) – Doctors continue to insist on their demands, and they’re determined to hand in their notices if their requirements aren’t met, head of the Medical Trade Union (LOZ) Peter Visolajsky pointed out in connection with the negotiations on the salaries of health professionals.

“The situation in our health-care sector is so serious that doctors are determined to give notices for these demands. Unfortunately, politicians don’t give us any other option. Nothing has changed in this position of ours, as we still don’t see any real steps of the Government to improve our health care,” he said.

Visolajsky emphasised that people already perceive the problem of the lack of health professionals. “We’d like the Government to act as soon as possible, and not to waste time on solutions with unnecessary downtime. Precisely in order to force the Government to act, hospital doctors have declared a strike alert and with notices are putting pressure on the Government to finally deal with the health sector,” he added.

Salaries of health professionals were discussed at the Government Office on Thursday (July 14). Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OLaNO) said following the meeting that they didn’t agree on a specific proposal to increase the salaries. The talks are set to continue on August 9. LOZ evaluated the meeting positively.