Matovic: Slovakia to Buy 2 Mn Doses of Sputnik V

Kosice, March 1 (TASR) - Slovakia will procure two millions doses of Russian Sputnik V vaccine, Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO) reported from Kosice Airport, where the first batch was delivered on Monday.

Overview of New, Stricter Lockdown Rules in Slovakia

Bratislava, March 1 (TASR) - The Slovak Government is due to toughen up measures against the spread of coronavirus, including its mutations. TASR provides...

Gov’t Approves New Measures to Slow Down Spread of Coronavirus

The aim of the new anti-pandemic measures is to reduce mobility, slow down the spread of the coronavirus infection, prevent new coronavirus variants from being imported from high-risk countries and slow down the growth in the number of patients admitted to hospitals over the next three weeks, according to the resolution approved by the Government at its online session on Sunday.

Passengers from Slovakia to Poland Must Show Negative Test Certificate

Effective as of Saturday, people travelling from Slovakia to Poland are obliged to show a negative test certificate not older than 48 hours either in Polish, or in English, Police Corps Presidium spokesman Michal Slivka told TASR on the same day, adding that the measure applies to those crossing the Polish border by means of transport, as well as pedestrians.

Biochemist Cekan Unveils Gold Mean between PCR Test and Antigen Test

Bratislava, February 26 (TASR) - Slovak company MultiplexDX on Friday presented its newest gargling test for coronavirus called LAMP-test, which is almost as sensitive...

Slovak PM at EU Summit Raised Critical Covid Situation in Slovakia

Bratislava, February 26 (TASR) - The critical situation in Slovakia with COVID-19, the planned introduction of COVID certificates, introduction of stricter border checks and...

House Passes Extension of State of Emergency in Slovakia with 83 Votes

Parliament approved a further extension of the state of emergency in Slovakia on Friday.

Former PG Dobroslav Trnka Ineligible for Entry into United States

Washington/Bratislava, February 25 (TASR) - The US Department of State on Thursday banned former Slovak prosecutor-general Dobroslav Trnka and his son Jakub from entering...

Supreme Court: Former SSHR Boss Kajetan K. Will Remain in Custody

Former boss of State Material Reserves Administration (SSHR) Kajetan K. will remain in custody, TASR learnt from Supreme Court spokesperson Alexandra Vazanova on Thursday.

Premier Matovic Not to Replace Health Minister Krajci with Sulik

Bratislava, February 24 (TASR) - Prime Minister Igor Matovic is not considering replacing Health Minister Marek Krajci (both OLaNO), TASR learnt on Wednesday. The premier...

Sulik Willing to Become Health Minister

Bratislava, February 24 (TASR) - Economy Minister Richard Sulik (SaS) stated on Wednesday that he’s willing to take charge of the Health Ministry, claiming...

Krajniak: Slight But Constant Drop in COVID-19 Cases in Care Homes

We've been observing a slight but constant decrease in the number of care homes with cases of coronavirus infection among staff or residents for several weeks in Slovakia, Labour Minister Milan Krajniak (We Are Family) told a news conference on Tuesday.

Krajniak Talks about Reopening Churches, SaS and For the People Against It

Labour Minister Milan Krajniak (We Are Family) has raised the issue of reopening churches on a social network, claiming that spiritual service helps, for example, patients in care homes.

Experts Set to Discuss Situation with COVID-19 at Gov’t Office on Tuesday

Bratislava, February 22 (TASR) - I'm inviting scientists and experts to the Government Office on Tuesday (February 23), Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO) said...

Caputova: Suspicions Reported by Late Jan Kuciak Proven True

Bratislava, February 21 (TASR) - The events of last months corroborate suspicions reported by murdered journalist Jan Kuciak in the past, President Zuzana Caputova declared on Sunday at Bratislava SNP Square, where she commemorated the legacy of Jan Kuciak and his fiancee Martina Kusnirova.

MP Lubomir Petrak Passes Away at 59

Bratislava, February 20 (TASR) - Smer-SD MP and Hurbanovska Ves (Bratislava region) mayor Lubomir Petrak has passed away at 59, Smer-SD MP Dusan Jarjabek confirmed to TASR on Saturday.

Premier: I’d Like Health Minister to Approve Sputnik V Vaccine

Bratislava, February 19 (TASR) - I would like Health Minister Marek Krajci (OLaNO) to grant an exemption for the use of the Russian Sputnik...

Slovakia Joins Expanded NATO Project on Air Munitions

Slovakia has joined NATO's initiative to expand multinational cooperation in the specification, procurement and warehousing of precision guided airborne munitions to cover all kinds of airborne ammunition, TASR has learnt from Defence Ministry spokesperson Martina Koval Kakascikova.

Slovakia Won’t Purchase Sputnik V for Now; Proposal Vetoed by For People

Bratislava, February 18 (TASR) - Slovakia won't buy the Russian Sputnik V vaccine as the government didn't approve a resolution on its purchase on...

Korcok Asks Germany for Exception for Freight Transport Drivers

Slovak Foreign Affairs Minister Ivan Korcok (a SaS nominee) asked Germany for an exception for freight transport drivers who are obliged to show a negative test certificate not older than 48 hours when entering Germany, Foreign Affairs Ministry's press department told TASR following Korcok's talks with his counterparts from the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany on Thursday.