Sipos: OLANO Notes Attempts to Dismantle its Caucus

Bratislava, July 28 (TASR) - The OLANO party is saddened by the manner in which MP Juraj Krupa chose to leave its caucus, OLANO caucus chair Michal Sipos declared on Thursday.

MP Krupa Leaving OLaNO Caucus

Bratislava, July 28 (TASR) - OLaNO MP Juraj Krupa has reported on his Facebook account that he's leaving the OLaNO caucus, explaining that he...

Korcok: I Understand Hungary’s Stances Less and Less

Budapest/Bratislava, July 23 (TASR-correspondent) - Chief of Slovak diplomacy Ivan Korcok rejects claims by Budapest, according to which both the Czech Republic and Slovakia seek to endear themselves to the EU on the issue of the Russian - Ukrainian war, TASR learnt from its correspondent on Wednesday.

Fico: Ukraine Labels Me a Disinformator Because I Have Different Opinion

Bratislava/Kiev, July 26 (TASR) - The Ukrainian governmental authority for the fight against disinformation has labelled me a disseminator of disinformation regarding the war in Ukraine because I have views different from those of the Ukrainian and Slovak Governments, Smer-SD chair Robert Ficco posted on a social network on Tuesday.

Blaze Near Mala Lodina Not Spreading for Time Being

Mala Lodina/Bratislava, July 24 (TASR) - The forest fire near the village Mala Lodina (Kosice region) had made runs through the vegetation northwards but currently is not spreading, TASR was told by Firefigther and Emergency Corps Presidium spokesperson Katarina Krizanova on Sunday.

Police: No Disturbances During ‘Rainbow Pride’ and ‘Proud of Family’ Marches

Bratislava, July 23 (TASR) - Both Rainbow Pride and Proud of Family marches held in Bratislava on Saturday ran their course incident-free, with police not registering any disturbances to public order, TASR learnt from Bratislava regional police spokesperson Michal Szeiff on the same day.

SaS: If Heger Opts for Minority Gov’t, He Puts OLANO Interests Ahead of Slovakia

Bratislava, July 22 (TASR) - If Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OLANO) will opt for having a minority Government rather than oust one problematic person, then he's not championing the interests of Slovakia only those of the OLANO party, SaS chair Richard Sulik declared on Friday.

Slovak Leader of European Night Wolves Chapter Put on EU Sanctions List

Bratislava, July 22 (TASR) - The EU has put Slovak national Jozef Hambalek - the head of the European chapter of the Russian pro-Putin...

President Expects Early Resolution of Crisis, Replacing Ministers among Options

Bratislava, July 22 (TASR) - Following her meeting with Premier Eduard Heger (OLaNO) on Friday, President Zuzana Caputova said that she expects the coalition crisis, for which the Government is responsible, to be resolved soon and the premier to take steps to ensure that the Government will be stable.

NASES: website Down Due to Gross Mistake by SWAN

Bratislava, July 21 (TASR) - Central public administration website was out of operation on Tuesday (July 19) due to a physical interruption of the primary and backup communications circuits between data centres, National Agency for Network and Electronic Services (NASES), which runs the website, announced on Thursday, adding that this happened due to a gross mistake on the part of telecommunications operator SWAN.

Fico Rejects the EC Report on Rule of Law, Sends Open Letter to EC...

Bratislava, July 20 (TASR) - The European Commission's (EC) report on the state of the rule of law in Slovakia is a farce, ex-premier and leader of opposition Smer-SD Robert Fico said on Wednesday.

Culture Ministry Presents Alternative Route for New Tram Line Bypassing SND

Bratislava, July 19 (TASR) - The Culture Ministry, along with activists and experts, has presented an alternative new tram route in the wider centre of Bratislava that would bypass the new Slovak National Theatre (SND) building on Pribinova Street in Bratislava and could partly run underground, Culture Minister Natalia Milanova (OLaNO) announced at a news conference on Tuesday.

Heger: 2021-2027 Partnership Agreement a Great Boost for Slovakia

Bratislava, July 18 (TASR) - The signing of the 2021-2027 Partnership Agreement between the European Commission and Slovakia poses an enormous step towards the improvement of the Slovak people's lives, Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OLaNO) declared on Monday.

Heger: Stability in Ukraine in Interests of Both Slovakia and Europe

Bratislava/Vienna, July 18 (TASR) - A victory for Ukraine against the Russian invading forces is in the interests not only of Slovakia, but also of the whole of Europe, as it will bring stability to the entire region, said Slovak Premier Eduard Heger at a joint press conference with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammery in Vienna on Monday.

Caputova: Passing of Sovereignty Declaration Key Step towards Slovak Statehood

Bratislava, July 17 (TASR) - The adoption of the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Slovak Republic was an important political step towards Slovak statehood,...

Matovic: I’m Ashamed of President Zuzana Caputova

Bratislava, July 15 (TASR) - I'm ashamed of President Zuzana Caputova, Finance Minister Igor Matovic declared in a social network post on Friday.

Visolajsky: Doctors Insist on Their Demands, Are Determined to Give Notices

Bratislava, July 15 (TASR) - Doctors continue to insist on their demands, and they're determined to hand in their notices if their requirements aren't...

NAKA Seizes Drugs and Charges 16 People in Operation Parquet Maker

Bratislava, July 15 (TASR) - The National Crime Agency (NAKA) has pressed charges against 16 people with the crime of setting up, masterminding and...

President Caputova Challenges Anti-inflation Bill in Constitutional Court

Bratislava, July 14 (TASR) - President Zuzana Caputova challenged the so-called anti-inflation bill, sponsored by Finance Minister Igor Matovic and passed by Parliament despite her veto, in the Constitutional Court on Thursday, TASR learnt from President's spokesperson Martin Strizinec on the same day.

Social Partners Agree for First Time Ever on Minimum Wage – at €700 a...

Bratislava, July 14 (TASR) – Employers, trade unions and local government representatives have agreed for the first time ever to increase the minimum wage...