Krupa Holds Briefing Before Russian Embassy to Mark 100 Days of Russian Invasion

Stock picture by TASR

Bratislava, June 4 (TASR) – House Defence and Security Committee chair Juraj Krupa and MP Monika Kozelova (both OLaNO) held a briefing in front of the Russian Embassy in Bratislava on Saturday to mark the 100th day of the Russian military aggression in Ukraine.

“Despite all the problems this war has caused also to us, whether it is the inflation or other problems, it is in our vital interest to support Ukraine,” claimed Krupa. He added that it’s necessary to persevere, so that Slovakia wouldn’t “be next”.

Krupa pointed out that Slovakia belongs among the top 10 countries of the world in terms of both humanitarian and military aid extended to Ukraine. “Believe it when I say that this is perceived in quite a positive light abroad. Of course, in Ukraine as well,” he said, adding that Ukraine has a right to choose freely what kind of path in wants to take in it future.

Statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to whom the Ukrainian nation doesn’t exist and needs to be de-Nazified are beyond the pale for Slovakia and cannot be tolerated.

The lawmakers also brought before the Russian Embassy 100 photographs showing the reality of the military conflict.