Matovic: Remisova Is Future Prime Minister

OLaNO-NOVA MP Veronika Remisova taking the MP's oath in 2016. (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, November 8 (TASR) – Veronika Remisova, an MP for Opposition OLaNO and the party’s slate leader in the 2016 general election, could become prime minister in the future, OLaNO founder and chairman Igor Matovic stated on Wednesday.

“I don’t want to see people thinking that this party is my private company. It hasn’t been my intention to do business in politics. My goal has been to put Veronika Remisova forward, as I view her to be a phenomenon on the Slovak political scene. I think that she’s a future prime minister,” said Matovic, commenting on his apparent withdrawal from the foreground and the appearance of Remisova as the party’s most vocal representative instead of him in recent months.

According to Matovic, Slovak political parties largely suffer from a problem of everyone desiring to be the leader, and as the actual leader sees a rival, they attempt to “kick them out”.

“I’ve wanted to show honest and good people and provide scope for them,” said Matovic.
In 2010, he ran in the general election as the leader of a four-member group called Ordinary People at the bottom of Freedom and Solidarity’s (SaS) slate, before setting up a party with loose membership called Ordinary People and Independent Personalities (OLaNO) ahead of the early general election in 2012. Prior to the 2016 general election, OLaNO and NOVA created an ad hoc party, as the election law didn’t allow coalitions of parties to run.