Sebej: Smer-SD Representatives Not Strong with Reading Comprehension

Most-Hid MP Frantisek Sebej (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, March 14 (TASR) – Most-Hid’s stance is that either an agreement on an early election is concluded or the party will withdraw from the coalition, and if Smer-SD perceives also a third option of Cabinet reconstruction, its representatives are likely impaired in terms of reading comprehension skills, Most-Hid MP Frantisek Sebej told journalists on Wednesday.

“This is the problem with Slovakia – the inadequate education. They can’t really read with comprehension,” stated Sebej. When asked what Most-Hid would do if the prime minister were replaced, Sebej replied that this depends on who the next prime minister would be. “But our resolution… makes it clear that either there is the early election or we’re leaving the Government.”

Earlier in the day, Smer-SD caucus vice-chair Miroslav Ciz told reporters that Smer-SD perceives Most-Hid’s stance as the offering of two choices: either to hold an early election or conduct a comprehensive Cabinet reconstruction. If none of these demands are accommodated, Most-Hid announced it would withdraw from the coalition. “We talked about an early election; that’s quite a serious issue,” said Ciz, adding that coalition partners have been engaged in talks for dozens of hours and there is also a pending debate on having the prime minister replaced.

MP and Prime Minister Robert Fico’s media advisor Erik Tomas added that Smer-SD is doing its utmost to preserve the incumbent Government. If this fails to materialise and all other options run out, the fairest solution would be an early election, according to Tomas.