Drivers Draw Attention to Collapsing Transport in Bratislava and Its Vicinity

Tailback (Stock photo by TASR)
Bratislava, July 22 (TASR) – Some drivers consider the current traffic situation in Bratislava and its surroundings to be unbearable and collapsing, with the cause attributed to the failure of the people responsible for preparing and coordinating on-going road repairs and constructions.

The civic association Ivanka therefore turned to Bratislava Region Governor Juraj Droba (Freedom and Solidarity party/SaS) as well as the regional transport inspectorate to address this situation without delay.
The association wrote in a letter that it has been observing for several days the worsening traffic on the I/61 road heading to Senec. Because of bad coordination, the appropriate authorities permitted to simultaneously repair and build several roads. They mention, for example, Racianska Street in Bratislava (exit to Pezinok) and the construction works on the main route in Most pri Bratislave. “The exit to Cierna Voda is totally impassable because of repairs, and the I/61 Senecka Road (exit to Ivanka pri Dunaji and Bernolakovo) is blocked by the construction machinery building the D4 motorway,” says the association.
The Transport Ministry understands people’s complaints, but it says that every construction project brings temporary transport constraints to a lesser or greater extent. “It’s precisely because of the extensive works related to the construction of the D4 motorway and the R7 expressway that we’ve significantly strengthened the train service from Senec to Bratislava,” the ministry told TASR.
“The Regional Transport Inspectorate Bratislava carried out a check of traffic signs and transport equipment on the I/61 Senecka Road on Wednesday (July 18) at about 8 o’clock, and the result of the inspection was that there were no deficiencies,” said the inspectorate.