Crime & Justice

Crime & Justice

Terrorist Abdeslam Supposedly Stayed in Slovakia in Summer of 2015

Bratislava, April 6 (TASR) - Salah Abdeslam, one of the masterminds behind the terrorist attacks that took place in Paris in November 2015, is thought to have visited Slovakia for three weeks in the...

Court Gives Life Sentence to “the Bucket” and Fellow Partners-in-Crime

Banska Bystrica, March 30 (TASR) - The kingpin of the Bratislava 'Sykorovci' gang Robert Lalis nicknamed Kybel (Bucket) received a life sentence from the Specialised Criminal Court in Banska Bystrica on Wednesday.

Man Breaks into Presidential Palace, Kiska Calls it Unpleasant Surprise

Bratislava, June 28 (TASR) - An unknown man broke into Presidential Palace in the wee hours of Tuesday and spent approximately 20 minutes inside, President's Office announced on the same day.

RegioJet Train Leaves Poprad Station Late Due to Bomb Scare

Poprad, March 31 (TASR) - The bomb alert on a RegioJet express train heading from Prague to Kosice at the Poprad railway station on Thursday turned out to be a hoax, Presov Fire and...

Van Carrying Migrants Crashes in Police Chase at Slovak-Austrian Border

Bratislava, July 9 (TASR) - A van carrying illegal migrants from Iraq, Syria and Iran crashed near the Jarovce-Kittsee crossing on the Slovak-Austrian border on Saturday morning after a Slovak police patrol attempted to...

Mayor Attacks Artist Who Tried to Paint Over Plaque to Communist

Velky Lipnik, May 29 (TASR) - Artist Lubos Lorenz, who was attempting to paint over a memorial plaque to a former communist official on the building of the municipal office in Velky Lipnik (Presov...

Police Still Investigating Handlova Mine Tragedy of 2009

Bratislava/Trencin, March 29 (TASR) - The police still haven't finished investigating the circumstances surrounding the lethal explosion in the Handlova mine (Trencin region) in August 2009, which is regarded as the most deadly mining...

Opposition MP Rajtar to File Criminal Complaint for Potential Tax Fraud

Opposition MP Jozef Rajtar (Freedom and Solidarity/SaS) told a news conference in Bratislava on Monday that he's filing a criminal complaint concerning potential tax fraud, adding that this concerns tax arrears of over €2 million caused by machinations that haven't yet been investigated.

Loss at US Court Might Complicate Slovakia’s Position in Talc Arbitration

American investigation authorities are examining reasons for arbitration between a company called EuroGas and the Slovak Republic concerning the allegedly illegal withdrawal of a licence for talc mining in Gemerska Poloma (Kosice region).

Human Rights Committee to Discuss Boy Dragged from Classroom

Bratislava, May 18 (TASR) - The case of a seven-year-old boy named Marco from the village of Brehy (Banska Bystrica region) who was dragged from a classroom by a judicial officer will be dealt...

Robber Ransacks Grocery Store in Bratislava with Table Knife

Bratislava, March 13 (TASR) - A table knife was enough for an unidentified man to rob a grocery store in Bratislava on Saturday evening, TASR learnt from Bratislava Regional Police Directorate spokesperson Tatiana Kurucova...

MP Ondrej Binder Dies in Car Crash

Banska Stiavnica, May 13 (TASR) - Kotleba-People's Party Our Slovakia (LSNS) MP Ondrej Binder died in a car crash between Banska Stiavnica and Banska Bela (Banska Bystrica region) shortly before noon on Friday, TASR learnt on the same day.

Hungarian Court Sentences ‘Rat’ to Life Imprisonment

Budapest, March 31 (TASR - correspondent) - Slovak national Jozef R., nicknamed Potkan (Rat), received a life sentence from a Hungarian Court on Thursday for a bomb attack carried out in Budapest in 1988 and two murders committed in the same city in 1998, TASR learnt on the same day.

MP Osusky Summoned by Police to Explain Why He Slapped Vasky

Bratislava, July 13 (TASR) - MP Peter Osusky (Freedom and Solidarity/SaS) was summoned by police on Wednesday to explain why he slapped internet video-blogger Rudolf Vasky, who posts videos on YouTube full of profanities and calls for a the start of a revolution, TASR learnt on Wednesday.

Life-size Mock-up Gunman Placed at Door of Bratislava Cathedral

Bratislava, June 13 (TASR) - Police on Monday called for possible witnesses to provide testimonies on the placing of a life-size figure of a masked gunman holding a mock-up automatic rifle in front of...

Tejbus: Handlova Mining Tragedy Not Due to Act of God, But Human Factor

Bratislava, December 21 (TASR) - The explosion at Handlova Coal Mine (Trencin region) that claimed the lives of 20 people on August 10, 2009 wasn't caused by an act of God, but by the...

Alleged East Slovakia Mafia Boss Receives Life Sentence

Pezinok, August 9 (TASR) – The Specialised Criminal Court in Pezinok (Bratislava region) on Tuesday handed a life sentence to reputed boss of the east Slovak underworld Robert O. and two of his henchmen...

Out-of-court Settlement in Frame Regarding Talc Mining Dispute

The dispute between a company called EuroGas and Slovakia concerning the withdrawal of a licence for talc mining in Gemerska Poloma (Kosice region) has been gathering pace, as an alleged out-of-court settlement worth €240 million instead of the original €2.3 billion could be in the frame, Peter Corej, a witness for the Slovak part of the proceedings, confirmed for TASR on Friday.

Lipsic: Spirko Prosecution Is Purpose-built, Absurd and Fabricated

The criminal prosecution of prosecutor of the Special Prosecutor's Office Vasil Spirko has confirmed the worst fears that it is purpose-built, absurd and fabricated, Opposition MP Daniel Lipsic (OLaNO-NOVA) told a news conference in Bratislava on Thursday.

Police Check Trains and Railway Stations, Find One Illegal Migrant

Bratislava, March 11 (TASR) - On March 10-11 Slovak police officers took part in an international operation launched by RAILPOL (a network of organisations responsible for policing railways in EU-member states) whose purpose was to increase and deepen cooperation between railway police forces in Europe in order to prevent threats and implement measures to fight crossborder criminal activities, Police Corps spokesman Martin Waldl told TASR on Friday.