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Matovic: Experts Should Revisit Launch of COVID-Semaphore Project

Bratislava, January 26 (TASR) - The expert consilium should reconsider the COVID semaphore system that is due to come into effect in Slovakia as of February 8, as the date for its launch might be premature at this stage of the pandemic, Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO) stated at a press conference on Tuesday.

First Person Dies in Slovakia Following Vaccination against COVID-19

The first person died in Slovakia following vaccination against the novel coronavirus, TASR was told by State Institute for Drug Supervision (SUKL) spokesperson Magdalena Jurkemikova on Tuesday.

Hunters Kill Several Horses and Pony, Hunting Law to Be Changed

Bratislava, January 26 (TASR) - A newly created commission for veterinary issues and animal protection was convened in Parliament on Tuesday to discuss amending...

MEP Uhrik and Several MPs Leaving LSNS after Kotleba Boosts Own Power

Bratislava, January 26 (TASR) - MEP Milan Uhrik and MPs Milan Mazurek, Ondrej Durica, Miroslav Suja, Eduard Kocis and Miroslav Urban are leaving the...

House Committee Recommends Peter Kovarik for Post of Police President

Bratislava, January 25 (TASR) - The parliamentary defence and security committee has recommended Peter Kovarik for the post of Police Corps president, TASR learnt...

Nitra Hospital Head: COVID Testing Should Be Part of Life Long Term

Nitra, January 25 (TASR) - Testing for coronavirus should become an ordinary part of life for the next few months or even years, with...

Unauthorized Disposal of Hazardous Waste Causes €5.6-million Damage: Eight Years in Prison in Frame

ARTICLE PROVIDED BY THE SLOVAK POLICE An investigator of the criminal police department of the Regional Directorate of the Police Force in Žilina has accused...

Danko Asks Premier Matovic to Meet Him over Russian Vaccine

Extra-parliamentary Slovak National Party (SNS) leader Andrej Danko is asking Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO) to meet him over the Russian vaccine against COVID-19.

PG Zilinka Orders Biro to Examine Subsidy for Kalinsky’s NGO

Prosecutor-General (PG) Maros Zilinka posted on a social network on Saturday he's imposed a duty on Deputy Special Prosecutor Alexander Biro to examine whether the crime of damaging financial interests of the EU or the crime of corruption was committed in connection with the provision of a subsidy for the NGO For a Better Future.

Krajci: Situation with COVID-19 Improving Gradually in Slovakia

Bratislava, January 22 (TASR) - The situation with coronavirus in Slovakia is gradually improving, with the easing of current lockdown being considered over some...