Foreign Policies

Foreign Policies

Nestor: Modern Democracy Means Voting Quickly, Safely and Online

Bratislava, April 24 (TASR) - Democracy in modern times means giving people the possibility to vote online, safely and quickly from anywhere in the world, stated Estonian Parliamentary Chairman Eiki Nestor at a summit...

Gov’t: Protection of Slovaks Living in Britain Will Be Priority in Brexit Talks

The Slovak Government's priorities during the Brexit negotiations will be protecting the rights of Slovaks living in the United Kingdom as well as the UK's financial settlement stemming from the EU membership, according to a Foreign and European Affairs Ministry-sponsored report okayed by the Cabinet at its regular session on Wednesday.

Katainen: EU’s National Parliaments to Present Their Visions by End of 2017

Bratislava, April 24 (TASR) – The European Commission wants to see an ambitious Europe looking ahead, one able to show solidarity and present solutions for future challenges, European Commission Vice-president for Jobs, Growth, Investment...

Broekers-Knol: Politicians Must Bear Responsibility for Their Acts

Bratislava, April 24 (TASR) - In order to regain public trust, politicians have to take responsibility for their actions, be transparent and give people the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes, stated President of...

Tajani: Le Pen Won’t Win, Most French Will Protect EU

Bratislava, April 24 (TASR) – The presidential candidate of France's National Front, Marine Le Pen, won't become the country's next president after running against the centrist Emmanuel Macron on May 7, European Parliament President...

NGO: Slovak Assistance to Cuba Potentially Harmful to Locals’ Health

Bratislava, March 26 (TASR) - Slovakia's assistance to Cuba in reconstructing its Felton thermal power plant, which suffered a breakdown last year, could actually contribute to endangering the local environment and harming people's health,...

Tajani: Europe Will Combat Terrorism Together

Bratislava, April 24 (TASR) – The summit of the EU's national parliaments in Bratislava on Monday is sending out a signal that Europe will fight against terrorism together, European Parliament President Antonio Tajani stated...

Fico: Disrespect for EU Prevails in European Society

Europe is the best place to live and a place that can build up on excellent results, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico (Smer-SD) said in a speech he delivered at the conference of EU parliamentary chiefs at Bratislava Castle on Monday.

Lajcak: Deal on Guidelines for Brexit Talks in Line with Slovak Interests

The foreign affairs ministers of 27 member countries of the EU have agreed on a joint approach to guidelines for Brexit talks, and this agreement suits Slovakia's interests well, said Slovak Foreign and European Affairs Minister Miroslav Lajcak after a special meeting of the EU General Affairs Council in Luxembourg on Thursday, which was devoted to Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon.

Kiska: Slovakia Undiscovered Land for Austrians

Slovakia is an undiscovered land for Austrian people, even though Bratislava and Vienna are situated close to each other, stated Slovak President Andrej Kiska on Wednesday, with his Austrian counterpart Alexander Van der Bellen, who is paying an official visit to Slovakia, agreeing with this opinion.

Hamzacebi: Turkey’s EU Entry Would Be Mutually Beneficial

Bratislava, April 24 (TASR) – Modern Turkey professes democratic values and its possible joining of the EU will be beneficial for both sides, Deputy Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Mehmet Akif Hamzacebi...

Fico: Slovakia and Belarus Could Act as Bridges for Each Other

Slovakia views Belarus as an important partner within the Eastern Partnership, and so it's no surprise that Bratislava recently promoted the lifting of sanctions against Minsk, said Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico after talks with his counterpart from Belarus Andrei Kobyakov in Bratislava on Thursday.

Fico: Slovakia, Germany and Czech Republic Form EU Industrial Triangle

Berlin/Bratislava, April 3 (TASR correspondent) - Slovakia, Germany and the Czech Republic will focus even more on further strengthening industry - the automotive industry in particular, concurred the leaders of the three countries -...

Lajcak Expects Smooth Approval of Guidelines for Brexit Negotiations

I expect European Council President Donald Tusk's draft guidelines for negotiations on Great Britain's exit from the EU to be approved smoothly, said Slovak Foreign and European Affairs Minister Miroslav Lajcak (a Smer-SD nominee) before the beginning of a meeting of the EU's General Affairs Council in Luxembourg on Thursday.

Lajcak: Slovak-Romanian Relations Intense with No Open Disputes

Bratislava, April 7 (TASR) - Slovak-Romanian relations are of a good quality, cordial and without open issues, stated Slovak Foreign and European Affairs Minister Miroslav Lajcak after meeting his Romanian counterpart Teodor Melescanu on...

Sulik Asked Farage Why He Bugged Out After Brexit Referendum

The now former UKIP leader Nigel Farage should not have 'bugged out' from the party's top as soon as Brexit results were announced, MEP and leader of the Opposition Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party Richard Sulik said on TA3's discussion programme 'V politike' (In Politics) on Sunday.

Lajcak Nominated for Post of President of UN General Assembly

Bratislava, November 30 (TASR) - Slovak Foreign and European Affairs Minister Miroslav Lajcak is probably on track to become the president of the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly, TASR learnt on Wednesday.

Hlina: KDH Does Not Have Unambiguous Position on EU’s Future for Now

The Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) currently does not have an unambiguous position on the European Union's (EU) future, said KDH chairman Alojz Hlina on Friday while answering TASR's question concerning the future of the EU.

USA Has Ambassador in Slovakia after One Year Hiatus

Bratislava, September 21 (TASR) - The United States has sent an ambassador to Slovakia after a more than one year hiatus, with Adam Sterling a few weeks ago taking up the post vacant since...

Fico: We’ve Taken Many Serious Steps to Combat Corruption

Paris, March 30 (TASR-correspondent) - Corruption is an issue that is currently influencing politics and society, and Slovakia is paying close attention to it, stated Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico (Smer-SD) at the 2017...