Bugar ‘Stunned’ by Beblavy’s Idea to Wind Up VUCs

The idea suggested by Independent MP Miroslav Beblavy to wind up Slovakia's divisions into eight self-governing regions (VUCs) before the end of this year has left coalition Most-Hid chairman Bela Bugar stunned, according to a reaction he wrote in his blog.

Matovic: Slovaks Work on Sundays Most out of EU Countries

Bratislava, January 13 (TASR) – Slovaks work on Sundays the most out of all EU countries, while Poles work the least, OLaNO MPs Igor Matovic and Anna Veresova told a news conference in Bratislava...

Fico: Coalition Going Strong, Talk of Early Election Without Merit

The governing coalition continues to work well and is stable, hence there's no reason for an early election, Prime Minister and Smer-SD party chairman Robert Fico told a press conference on Thursday.

Independent MPs Want to Scrap VUCs in 2017 with No Replacement

Bratislava, January 12 (TASR) - Independent MPs Katarina Machackova and Miroslav Beblavy have submitted for the next parliamentary session proposals for legislation that would scrap Slovakia's eight self-governing regions (VUCs) as early as in...

Fico: We’ll Change Criteria for Rental Flats and Increase EKS Threshold

Bratislava, January 11 (TASR) - The Government wants to change the parameters concerning the construction of rental flats and to adjust the thresholds that oblige towns and villages to make purchases via the electronic...

Fico: We’ll Focus on People Who Work

Bratislava, January 11 (TASR) - Working people will be the centre of the Government's attention, stated Prime Minister Robert Fico (Smer-SD) at a press conference after the Cabinet session on Wednesday, referring to an...

AKO Poll: Smer Top, Ahead of SaS and SNS in Early January

If a general election had taken place in early January, it would have been won by Smer-SD on 27.7 percent of the vote (44 MPs), ahead of Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) on 13.1 percent (21 MPs) and the Slovak National Party (SNS) on 12.7 percent (20 MPs), according to an AKO agency telephone poll carried out between January 2-10.

Ex-presidents Urge Kiska to Heed Counsel, But Not to a Tee

The president of Slovakia should pay adequate attention to what his aides advise and double-check their advice, former heads of state Rudolf Schuster and Ivan Gasparovic told incumbent President Andrej Kiska at the annual New Year’s presidential lunch on Tuesday.

Fico: We Want to Dedicate All Our Energy on Domestic Front

Smer-SD wants to dedicate all its energy on the domestic front this year in order to get people to trust the government, Prime Minister Robert Fico told a news conference in Bratislava on Tuesday, stressing that trust is needed to fight terrorism.

Bugar: We Shouldn’t Even Sit at One Table with Extremists

A good recipe for dealing with extremists in Parliament would be if parliamentary parties didn't sit with them at one table at all, said Most-Hid leader Bela Bugar in an interview with TASR on Thursday, giving Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party leader Richard Sulik as an example of someone who hasn't followed this principle.

Kalinak: I’ll Keep Post of Interior Minister for Now

Bratislava, January 4 (TASR) - I'll remain in my post for now, Interior Minister Robert Kalinak (Smer-SD) told a press conference dedicated to traffic safety in 2016 on Wednesday. Kalinak had been asked whether he...

Glvac: Slovakia Has No Better Alternative to Current Cabinet

There is no, let alone a better, alternative to the current Government, which is partly borne out by the statements of Parliamentary Vice-chair Lucia Duris-Nicholsonova (Opposition Freedom and Solidarity/SaS party), said fellow Parliamentary Vice-chair Martin Glvac (Smer-SD) on Wednesday.

Kalinak: Muslim Community in Slovakia Cooperates with Police

The Muslim community in Slovakia is moderate, with Muslims fully integrated in many fields and representing part of Slovak life and a contribution to the country, said Interior Minister Robert Kalinak (Smer-SD) in an interview with TASR on Wednesday, adding that Muslims are cooperating with the police concerning potential terrorist threats.

Bugar: Votes Will Be Found If Court Says Amnesties Can Be Scrapped

The Most-Hid party has always supported the scrapping of the so-called Meciar's amnesties and will also support this at its second reading in Parliament, said Most-Hid leader and Parliamentary Vice-chair Bela Bugar in an interview for TASR on Tuesday.

Fico and Archbishop of Bratislava Discuss Economy, Social Policy

The Slovak economy fared extraordinarily well in 2016, we achieved record employment and a significant fall in the unemployment rate, while the issue of how to translate this even more into people's living standards is what lies ahead for us, Prime Minister Robert Fico told Archbishop of Bratislava Stanislav Zvolensky at a meeting in the capital on Monday.

Kiska: 2017 Will Be Slovakia’s Year of Truth

Bratislava, January 1 (TASR) – Slovakia is in a very good condition in terms of its economy at the beginning of 2017; but the question is whether it will be able to take advantage...

Sulik: If Kiska Becomes Premier, I’ll Be First to Congratulate Him

Bratislava, December 30 (TASR) - If a political party called Progressive Slovakia is set up with current President Andrej Kiska at the helm and if it wins a general election and Kiska becomes prime...

Hlina: Every Normal European Country Has Christian Democrats, That’s Us

Bratislava, December 28 (TASR) - The non-parliamentary Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) belongs in Parliament, KDH chair Alojz Hlina has stated for TASR in an interview.

Fico: Lack of Labour Force One of Greatest Challenges in 2017

Piestany, December 27 (TASR) - Among the greatest challenges Slovakia will face in 2017 is a lack of labour, thinks Prime Minister Robert Fico.

SaS and OLaNO-NOVA Won’t Form Shadow Cabinet

Bratislava, December 27 (TASR) - Opposition parties Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) and OLaNO-NOVA won't form a shadow government after all, SaS leader Richard Sulik has confirmed for TASR.