Smer-SD Regional Office in Zilina on Fire

Smer-SD's Regional Office in Zilina (photo by TASR)

Zilina, March 16 (TASR) – Firefighters in Zilina were called out to a building that serves as the seat of the Regional Office of the senior governing Smer-SD party after it caught fire on Thursday night (March 15), TASR learnt from an employee of the Zilina Regional Fire Brigade on Friday.

The building is used for the MP offices for Zilina mayor Igor Choma and Smer-SD Vice-chair Juraj Blanar.

Fire and Rescue Corps Presidium spokesperson Zuzana Farkasova told TASR that the fire was set on purpose, but no casualties were reported. “The firefighters managed to get the fire under control within twenty minutes and they completely put the fire out shortly before 2 a.m.,” added Farkasova, noting that a total of ten firefighters were dispatched to the fire with four firefighting vehicles.

The police have launched a criminal investigation into the incident.

Smer-SD responded to the fire by saying that it was an act carried out by radicals who seek to misuse the current political situation to destabilise the country.

According to the party, such a move is unacceptable in a democratic state. “The party’s leadership as well as all MPs, representatives, members and supporters of the party condemn it unambiguously,” reads the party’s statement.

At the same time, Smer-SD calls on people who want to demonstrate their opinion to do so in a calm and democratic way. “We believe that the police will deal with this case and the persons responsible for the action will be punished,” reads the statement.