Danko Expects Thirteenth Salary to Be Introduced as Early as This Year

Danko on introduction of thirteenth salary (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, May 14 (TASR) – Leader of the governing coalition Slovak National Party (SNS) Andrej Danko expects mandatory thirteenth and fourteenth salaries to be introduced in mid-June or at the end of December, TASR learnt from head of the SNS chairman’s office Zuzana Skopcova on Sunday. 

According to Danko, the introduction of compulsory thirteenth and fourteenth [i.e. extra] salary payments needs to be perceived as a systemic allowance that will also include bonuses.

“Naturally, the tax and levy exemption for such bonuses will be subject to an expert discussion … We must have targets and mechanisms to deepen the relationship between employees and employers. If a company is doing well, employees must feel this, as is the case in other countries where employees are esteemed,” said Danko.
Within its social package SNS also wants to pay attention to facilitating commuting to work, supporting holidays in Slovakia, state support for parents seeking alimony in court and a revision of the retirement age.

In addition, SNS wants to focus on supporting the family. Therefore, it plans to raise issues such as the construction of start-up apartments, extending the network of high-quality pre-school facilities and more support for cultural and sporting events in the regions. “SNS will do its utmost so that people will approach systems that function well in other countries in terms of salaries and social benefits,” added Danko.