URSO: Two-component Water Prices Valid until New Price Decision is Issued


Bratislava, February 21 (TASR) – The two-component water prices in line with the price decision issued for 2017 are in effect until the Office for Regulation of Network Industries (URSO) issues a new price decision, URSO told TASR on Tuesday.

“After URSO’s new price decisions are issued for regulated entities (water utilities, municipalities) based on URSO’s new regulation No. 21 of 2017 and delivered to them in March 2017, the prices will be comprised of a single component and will be at the 2016 level,” specified URSO.

URSO announced last week that the new regulation No. 21 of 2017 has taken effect as of February 16, 2017, stipulating the price regulation for the production, distribution and supplying of potable water through public water pipelines, as well as the price of waste water treatment in the public sewage network. “The office is launching, based on its own initiative, price proceedings in connection with the adopted regulation,” stated URSO on February 16.