Fico: If USA Scraps Russia Sanctions, EU Might Pluck Up Courage

Prime Minister Robert Fico at a press conference in Trencin. (Photo by TASR)

Trencin, February 17 (TASR) – Prime Minister Robert Fico on Friday repeatedly criticised the EU’s sanctions against Russia as he paid a visit to producer of flight simulators Virtual Reality Media (VRM) in Trencin.

“This company with a global reach focuses on the production of flight simulators and simulators for ground military equipment, supplying simulators to pretty unexpected countries as well, such as the United States of America,” said Fico, going then on to vent his displeasure with the EU-Russia sanctions.

“The introduction of sanctions against Russia in the segment of support products for the arms industry and military has significantly damaged the markets, disabling certain partners from being part of business relations,” said the prime minister, describing the sanctions as “nonsensical and harmful”.

If there’s a vote in the EU on the sanctions, Slovakia will vote against them, stated Fico.

“On the other hand, it holds that Slovakia won’t break up the EU’s unity on this point. I hope that the United States will show us a good example in the future; it could scrap the sanctions, thereby also encouraging the EU to act similarly,” added the prime minister.