Parliament OKs Changes of State Border between Slovakia and Hungary


Bratislava, March 23 (TASR) – The state border line between Slovakia and Hungary will be adjusted due to some planned water management projects on the Ipel River, according to a proposal approved by Parliament with 142 votes on Thursday.

Interior Minister Robert Kalinak (Smer-SD) presented the draft constitutional law to Parliament. At least 90 MPs from the 150-member House were required to vote for the border relocation if the constitutional law was to be passed.

An agreement between Slovakia and Hungary to that effect was signed in Amsterdam on January 25, 2016, replacing an earlier treaty from 1956.

Changes of the state border enacted in the agreement relate to water management adjustments to the Ipel river in the districts of Nove Zamky, Levice (both Nitra region) and Lucenec (Banska Bystrica region). The border will be moved to the newly created Ipel river bed, with the related territorial reductions to be compensated at other locations.