Chmelar Starts to Collect Signatures to Support His Presidential Candidacy

Eduard Chmelar (Stock photo by TASR)
Bratislava, April 23 (TASR) – Political analyst and educator Eduard Chmelar wants to run for the post of Slovak president, TASR learnt from his post on Facebook.

Chmelar is starting to collect signatures and needs at least 15,000 of them. He’ll officially announce his candidacy when he obtains the sufficient number of signatures.
“I’m determined to stand as a candidate for Slovak president. I’ve given my approval in the past few days to a group of my supporters to organise a petition on the basis of which citizens will propose me as a candidate for Slovak president,” stated Chmelar.
He said that if he became the head of state, the state of the republic addresses “would no longer be a summary of newspaper articles but fundamental analyses of the causes of our situation and suggestions for its solution”. Also, according to his own words, he would start exercising constitutional powers of “negotiating and ratifying international treaties and representing the Slovak Republic on all important issues outwardly”.
The presidential race is slated for 2019, with incumbent head of state Andrej Kiska not yet officially stating whether or not he’ll run for re-election. Political parties are already considering candidates, although none has been officially presented one yet. Radovan Znasik, who has already announced his candidacy, intends to vie for votes as a civic candidate. Security analyst Juraj Zabojnik has also expressed interest in the presidential post. Financier Imrich Beres, who also announced his intention to join the 2019 presidential race, might actually not run for president, according to his latest statements.